Project Manager - Shelter / DIKhan

ACTED Pakistan

  • Permanent Hire
  • Darban, Punjab

  • Published : 2023-01-11
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Job Description

  • Job Title Project Manager Shelter
  • Salary 162,500 PKR (per month)


School Degree




Under the supervision of the Projects Coordinator, the Project Manager is responsible for the implementation, management, and development of the Shelter Programme which forms part of the overall ACTED Pakistan strategy.

Chain of Command

Under the authority of:

  • Projects Coordinator
  • Area Coordinator

Responsible for

  • Field Officer[s]; 

Working Relations Internal Relations:

  • Reporting & AMEU Department;
  • Database Team;
  • FLAT Department[s];
  • Liaison Officer;
  • Engineering Technical Officer.

External Relations:

  • Village Authorities in intervention area;
  • Local Authorities;
  • Local / International NGOs / UN Agencies active in the area.



  • The Project Manager shall be responsible for:
  • Lead and guide ACTED’s SHELTER Programme in the base. Ensure that planned activities are successfully implemented;
  • In collaboration with the programme team and coordination, determine the strategic direction of the programme in the short and medium term and map out activities, and contribute to the preparation of project proposals and budgets;
  • Collaborate effectively with other line managers and the coordination team. 
  • Manage the programme team. Ensure that they are wholly involved in programme planning and direction.
  • Collaborate with the Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (AMEU) to assess need, monitor activities, and evaluate programme progress. Ensure that lessons learned in the course of implementation are integrated into the programme to ensure that it remains responsive and relevant.
  • Provide input and regularly review all FLAT Follow-Up for ongoing programmes together with the relevant department manager and Programme Coordinator;
  • Be alert to opportunities arising for learning, collaboration and partnership that may enhance programme quality and responsiveness.
  • Identify and interact with existing SHELTER initiatives in the base, including UN, GO’s and NGO’s, and community initiatives.
  • Develop and implement an exit strategy in collaboration with his/her team, AME unit and the Programme  Coordinator.
  • Liaise with the SHELTER Technical Working Group and its participants/ partners.
  • Report regularly (as requested) to the Area Coordinator and Country Director.
  • Prepare and develop the Project Management tools (i.e. PMF, Logframe).
  • Translate relevant documents or information during coordination visits.
  • Develop team capacity at both the individual and group level by organising/ facilitating trainings internally or through specialist agencies / individuals.  
  • Work proactively to ensure that the projects are responsive and relevant to community needs.

Accountability to Communities and Beneficiaries

The staff member is responsible for ensuring that all relations with the communities we work are conducted in a respectful and consultative manner.  Due attention must be paid to ensuring that communities are adequately consulted and informed about ACTED programme objectives, activities, beneficiary selection criteria, and methodologies.  This is the responsibility of every ACTED staff member.

1. Programme Management  

Objective 1.1: Implementation of Project Cycle Management Framework

  • The Project Manager will ensure that project cycle management tools, including the PMF and Logframe are developed together with Field Officers for all projects undertaken.
  • He/she will ensure that project implementation is conducted within the parameters of the PMF and that this reflects the proposal objectives.

The Project Manager shall undertake regular field coordination visits to ensure that:

  • Activities are correctly completed across the village tracts of intervention and that expected standards are met;
  • Challenges to implementation are identified and addressed in a manner that takes into account beneficiary needs and expectations;
  • Community / beneficiary feedback is collected and shared in programme and coordination meetings;
  • Targeted indicators as stated in the Project Management Framework (PMF) and/or Logframe are met in a satisfactory manner;

  • Objective 1.2: Management of Project Staff

    The Project Manager shall be responsible for the management of project / field staff and for ensuring that all field teams are comprehensively briefed on the objective, expected output and overall implementation strategy of any given activity. The Project Manager shall ensure that Project / Field staff are given training and complete all the necessary documentation in line with programme requirements.

    Objective 1.3: Coordination

    The Project Manager shall ensure that he/she regularly meets with HR, Finance, and Logistics Departments to ensure that support mechanisms such as the BFU, Procurement plan, and recruitment are completed on time and reflect operational realities/needs. 

    Objective 1.4: Reporting

    • The Project Manager shall support the Reporting Manager in the preparation of reports to be submitted to Donors / Authorities / Coordination bodies (i.e. OCHA / Internal Coordination).
    • He/she will be expected to provide reports covering activity implementation, achievement of objectives, successes / challenges, beneficiary feedback, etc.
    • The Project Manager is expected to provide regular reports to the Programme Coordinator on the progress of the implementation of activities and on observations made during the mission and collaborate closely with the AME unit as part of monitoring and evaluation activities.

    2. Programme Development

    Under the direction of the Area Coordinator and in coordination with AMEU, the Project Manager will take the lead in the preparation of, and may be expected to conduct, monitoring or assessment missions to any area as part of the strategic development of ACTED’s operations in the area (i.e. for the development of proposals, for the capitalisation of lessons learned, as part of a wider beneficiary / village selection process, etc.).

    3. General Functions -     

    Objective 3.1: Completion of Programme Filing for Completed Projects

    • The Project Manager shall ensure all relevant filing is properly organised, up-to-date and complete for all projects.
    • He/she shall, also work closely with the FLAT teams to support project reconciliation / general monthly follow-up exercises.

    Objective 3.2: Commitment to Accountability to Communities

    The Project Manager shall take the lead in the development and implementation of a programme-specific accountability framework to act as a guideline for all programme activities.

    Objective 3.3: Facilitation

    • The Project Manager is expected to facilitate trainings or programme coordination meetings by translating and/or leading discussions.
    • Moreover, he/she shall be in a position to present ACTED’s global and programmatic strategies and activities in township NGO fora or for Local Authorities.

    Note: “ACTED is committed to protecting beneficiaries and staff within our programs from sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA). ACTED has a Code of Conduct and organizational policies, which outline the expected behavior of all staff, consultants and other stakeholders and reminds ACTED’s zero-tolerance approach. Any candidate offered a job with ACTED will sign those documents as part of their work contract and is expected to abide by them.” “ACTED is commitment to zero tolerance to all forms of violence against children, beneficiaries and staff. ACTED is equal opportunity ACTEDs. Females and minorities are encouraged to apply. Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Final selection will be based on security clearance of the candidate.


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