SEO Outreach Specialist

Job Description

  • Job Title Outreach Specialist
  • Salary 90,000 PKR



Job Description for SEO Outreach Specialist

The SEO Outreach Specialist will be responsible for prospecting niche blog sites based on relevancy, qualifying sites, gathering contact information, engaging and negotiating with site owners/administrators for the purpose of securing backlinks. The person will be responsible for reaching out and trying to establish a connection.

The person will also be responsible for monitoring inbound communications, building relationships and partnerships, and following up effectively. The person will own the process from beginning to end. This job involves intensive and repetitive research on the Internet and writing and replying to a very large amount of email communication on a daily basis and requires an excellent knowledge of how to evaluate the suitability of backlinks. For privacy reasons and to keep the integrity of our brand, the person must not be issued with our domain email. They must use their own personal or business email throughout and negotiate in their own name as a service provider/intermediary/outreach specialist.

The person must have prior hands-on experience of SEO outreach for the purpose of acquiring backlinks and must be able to compose highly persuasive emails to prospects to make a case for inserting links or going into partnerships. The person will work to the brief provided by the SEO Manager. Once the SEO Manager has provided the instructions, the person must be able to get on with the job without supervision and provide only the final result of negotiations to the SEO Manager for approval accompanied by the negotiated url.

The specifications of backlinks that the SEO Outreach Specialist must be able to acquire are as below: Type of source domains: niche blogs related to our site Domain authority of source domains: DA50+ Spam score of source domains: <;;1% Organic traffic: 1,000+ per month Type of backlinks: niche edit links Indexability of backlinks: all negotiated source urls must be indexed by google Location of backlinks: contextual (within the body of relevant posts)


A degree in marketing or computer science or other relevant field At least 2 years experience doing email outreach for seo link building

Excellent command of the English language (both written and spoken) and ability to compose outstanding marketing emails

Access to a good internet connection adequate for conducting video conferencing

Familiar with seo metrics and using seo tools, specifically SEMrush and Ahrefs.

The person must have their own access to these tools Familiarise themselves thoroughly with our our websites to get a very good ideas of the nature of our business and the type of products we offer Skills in link building and link acquisition. Big plus if the person has had digital public relations experience


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