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Karachi is the largest city and economic driver of Pakistan. With the continued increase in the urban population, the City’s water and wastewater services are falling far short of the expanding city’s needs. Nearly 3 million residents lack access to piped water, and even those formally connected suffer from inadequate, irregular and inequitable water services. The Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) is responsible for water and sewer services in the city. The present service gaps arise from KWSB’s high operating costs, underinvestment, other operational challenges, and a weak institutional environment.Typical service quality of KWSB is “two hours every two days to four hours per day at very low pressure.” The consequences of the persistent service shortfalls for Karachi’s population are dramatic. As the Supreme Court of Pakistan noted in 2017, “the residents as well as all visitors to the City” are exposed “to avoidable water-borne diseases.”The overall objective of this assignment is to conduct a detailed energy and water audit of the KWSB water supply and treatment system (excluding the Dhabeji Pumping Complex) to identify, asses and recommend cost-effective opportunities for improved energy efficiency, load management, and renewable energy options.An energy audit is a study and inspection regarding the trend of energy flow to any entity which consumes electric power in carrying out its desired operations. This audit serves as a basis to calculate the means of energy conservation (input energy to any device OR equipment VS output efficiency). Energy conversation techniques and technologies will be used without compromising the output of equipment.The basis of any energy management is the energy audit. An Energy Audit includes:Establishment of current energy consumption and efficiencyIdentification of energy saving optionsDetailed feasibility studies are conducted to establish the technical and financial viability of identified energy saving opportunities. This step allows KW&SB to make firm decisions on energy related requirements and issues for both new and existing facilities.The Consultant must be specialized in the field of Energy Efficiency, Load Management and Renewable Energy. The specific tasks to be performed by the Consultants are listed below:Task 1: Identify and Assess Energy Efficiency OpportunitiesTask 2: Field measurements of electrical use systems, pumping assets, water leakages, and electricity use-patternsTask 3: Develop water and energy use optimization recommendations including list of specific technical interventions (retrofits and replacements)Task 4: Analysis of Load Management OpportunitiesTask 5: Assessment of Potential for Renewable EnergyTask 6: Investment Needs and Financing OptionsTask 7 – Preparation of tender documents for the works up to 20 M USD allocated in the SOP 1Task 8 – Dissemination Workshop   Seureca is looking for a Senior Electrical Engineer Team Leader/ Lead Auditor for this project.The minimum qualification should be : Bachelor / Master Degree in Electrical Engineering. Must be Certified Energy Auditor from a recognized body. The expert should have a minimum of 25 years Post Qualification experience substantially covering the field of Energy Auditing, Load Management and Renewable EnergyAnd should be registered with relevant professional body.

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