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Question 1: We have recently downloaded an RFQ Request for Proposal (RFP) No. RFP-PES-22-0077 and would like you to please notify us of any amendments made to the RFP mentioned, via email in reply to this email, also if required, mailing address is also mentioned below: Answer 1: Sure, if there is any amendment done to mentioned RFP we will notify accordingly. Question 2: We are interested to participate in tender no. RFP-PES-22-0079 for procurement of GIS/GNSS equipment and drone. Please keep us in loop for any updates on this tender.Answer 2: Sure Question 3: Reference to your Request for Proposal (RFP) No. RFP-PES-22-0080 for (IT Equipment) due to the current economic situation and rapid currency fluctuation, we are unable to quote in Pak Rupees. Kindly allow us to quote in US dollar. NOTE: The prices quoted in US Dollar can be converted into Pak Rupee based on the Open Markit rate of exchange of US Dollar with Pak Rupees on the date of payment with 30 days forward cover. For the price quoted in Pak Rupee, if there is any variation of more than 2% of the Open Markit rate of exchange of Pak Rupee against US Dollars the quoted prices will vary accordingly. This term is valid till the final payment is released. Please let us know your earliest response so that we can make our participation possible. Answer 3: Your suggestion is well noted but it will not apply to the current issued RFP’s. As included in the current RFPs: “Offeror shall confirm in writing that the offeror fully understands that their proposal must be valid for a period of 90 calendar days” Question 4: Reference to your Tender for LRMA (RFP-PES-22-0082 Smart TVs) We want to bring into your Kind Attentions that Smart tv Screen Size in Bidding Documents is mentioned 90-Inch. whereas in Market Standard Size available is 80 to 85-Inch. It is requested to please revise/corrected Smart Screen Size from 90 Inches to 80 to 85-Inches. Answer 4: Specifications included in the RFP are the result of market research and verifications of the availability of the size of the specified item. Question 5: Thanks for sharing email for tender notice for Provision of Goods and Services. We are interested to participate in RFP Ref No. RFP-PES-22-0080 and there are a few queries which require your kind attention to enable us to participate in tender. . Kindly confirm if we can participate for single item only as other items does not come in our scope of work. Answer: Yes, you can Frontier 431 F or Equivalent is mentioned on Sr. No. 10 of Attachment A “Detailed Technical Specification” of RFP, which might be a typo error. Correct model for required Access Point is Fortinet FAP-431F. Kindly rectify this at your end also please same should be considered during evaluation stage. Answer: Frontier 431F is the same as FAP-431F Reference Attachment E of RFP SAM requirement is necessary. Can this be obtained prior submission of proposals? Answer: All domestic and foreign organizations which receive first-tier subcontracts/ purchase orders with a value of $30,000 and above are required to obtain an Unique Entity ID (SAM) prior to signing of the agreement. Your organization is exempt from this requirement if the gross income received from all sources in the previous tax year was under $300,000. Please see the self-certification form attached. Question 6: Pakistan’s unstable political and financial situation has created uncertainty in all business sectors. Tenders and deals won in March & April are went in loss due to extraordinary increase in foreign currency exchange rates. On top of this financial lose; product deliveries are being delayed as banks are taking long time to open LC due to new approval procedures and very low foreign currency reserves in State bank of Pakistan.There are two ways to tackle these issues. First one is, vendor may quote higher prices with longer delivery period. However, this is not a feasible option for buyers. Second way is buyer may ask for quotations on CPT based prices with performance bank guaranty from local dealer/ distributor. Would you allow us to have a meeting with you to discuss the best-fit option for procurement of GIS system for Pakistan Land Registration in Merged Areas Activity (LRMA) project? This short meeting could be helpful for both parties, buyer and supplier. Your cooperation is highly appreciated, and I hope you understand our concerns during unstable political and financial situation of Pakistan. Answer 6: We appreciate your concerns. However, for the current RFP, we shall proceed as stated in the RFP details. As included in the current RFPs: “Offeror shall confirm in writing that the offeror fully understands that their proposal must be valid for a period of 90 calendar days” Question 7: You have shown requirements of Sound System, please let to clarify the following information to design & offer you sound system as per compliance specifications. Please clarify the exact room size /dimensions.Secondly, the sound system where it will be installed currently ceiling is available, if yes, please let to know ceiling height? Answer 7: The room size is approximately 20 x 20 square feet and will not be installed in Ceiling. This is one of the reasons, the word ceiling is not used in the RFP. Question 8: I have the following queries. 1- Do we have to attach a bid security/ deposit? Answer: No.2- Should we attach all pages (in technical proposal) of the respective bid document and sign them too? Answer: Yes3- Do we have to attach the copies of our past relevant experience? Answer: Yes4- We have to attach our company own company paper with pics and specification right in technical bid, right? Answer: Yes, you can attach your company letter head but please be assure that the change in the specifications is not permitted.5- Can we bid on selected items, like if there are 12 items can I bid on 9 items? Answer: Yes, you can.6- In financial bid only Attachment C (price schedule) should be added right? Answer: Yes, along with complete set of required documents as mentioned in RFP7- Also, will there be a common drop off point, or does the vendor drop his respective items on individual offices? Answer: Items are to be delivered to the different offices as detailed in the RFP.8- Lastly, in technical bid can we add the respective items on a plain print with quantities, pics and specifications. if any other thing do let me know, also do we have to upload documents via pdf or normal pictures? Answer: All proposals from vendors must be submitted (in pdf format) to: LRMA_submissions@dai.comEach email with attachments must not exceed 20MB in size. Multiple emails may be sent to accommodate the proposal size and content, but each must contain very clear identification of the attachment. Finally, the mode of payment, do we have to physically come? And preferred time of delivery Answer: Invoices to the selected vendor must be submitted as an original document to DAI LRMA after the final and satisfactory delivery of the items stated in the purchase order. Once all the deliveries are done satisfactory, the final payment will be processed as a cross cheque. Vendors will be informed accordingly to come and collect the cheque from respective office. Question 9: HI, I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS REGARDING FURNITURE TENDER. FIRSTLY, IS THERE LIKE A BID SECUIRTY or something like that. Secondly, if bid is selected both technically and financially will we have to provide samples? lastly, can we bid on selected items for example bid on 8 items instead of 10 available.Answer 9: There is no security required. A due diligence may be conducted before final selection. Yes, you can bid on selected items. Question 10: Kindly let us know can we quote German OEM equipment in this project. Answer 10: Please refer to the terms and conditions of the RFP. As included in item 15 of the Synopsis of the Request for Proposal: “Geographic Code”: DAI may only procure goods and services from Geographic Code 937 that is the United States, Pakistan and “Developing Countries” other than “Advanced Developing Countries, excluding prohibited countries. These conditions apply to the procured items. In case the equipment is not from the prohibited countries as per USAID regulation and meets the specification, you may apply upon your free will, provided it meets the source and nationality requirement. For purposes of procurement under USAID-funded contracts, "Source" means the country from which a commodity is shipped to the cooperating country (in this case, Pakistan), or the cooperating country itself if the commodity is located therein at the time of purchase. In the case of a commodity shipped from a free port or bonded warehouse in the same form it was received therein, "source" is the country from which the commodity was shipped to the free port or bonded warehouse. For purposes of procurement under USAID-funded contracts, "Nationality" refers to the place of incorporation, ownership, citizenship, residence, etc. of suppliers of goods and services. To meet the Nationality requirements, an organization must:(1) Be incorporated or legally organized under the laws of a country in Code 937;(2) Be operating as a going concern in a country in Code 937, and either(3) Be managed by a governing body, the majority of whom are citizens or lawful permanent residents (or equivalent immigration status to live and work on a continuing basis) of countries in Code 937, or(4) Employ citizens or lawful permanent residents (or equivalent immigration status to live and work on a continuing basis) of a country in Code 937, in more than half its permanent full-time positions and more than half of its principal management positions. Question 11: Our firm is registered with Pakistan Sales & Income Tax Department as qualified vendors/authorized dealers . We are interested to participate in DAI Pakistan Private Ltd (LRMA Project)- issued RFP . We have acquired RFP website. Either it would serve the purpose to participate in RFP or other procedure we can adopt? Answer 11: We are thankful to you for your interest. There is no need for extra procedures. You shall be required to submit the documents stated in the RFP. Question 12:. With reference to our following email, kindly let us know the following concerns. 1. Can we quote German OEM equipment?Answer: Please refer to answer of question 102. Can we quote more than one OEM product against each listed item?Answer: You can submit more than one OEM again teach listed item provided it meets the requirements in Answer 10.3. Point No. 13 of RFP as shown below is very clear about prohibited technology.“13. Prohibited Technology:“Offerors MUST NOT provide any goods and/or services that utilize telecommunications and video surveillance products from the following companies: Huawei Technologies Company, ZTE Corporation, Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, or Dahua Technology Company, or any subsidiary or affiliate thereof, in compliance with FAR 52.204-25.” But the model and specification of the brand as mentioned in Item No. 06 “DRONE“is based on Chinese origin Model DJI M 300 RTK + Zenmuse P1 Full-frame Aerial Surveying Camera. This high resolution DJI camera may be based on prohibited technology?Answer: Please refer to the specifications of the RFP. In case the equipment is not from the prohibited items as per USAID regulations and meets the specification, you may apply upon your free4. Nowadays the PKR is depreciating unbelievably against US$ / Euro and no one can predict what will be the conversion rate at the time of import. Therefore, we request, kindly change the currency from PKR to US$ / Euro to avoid the uncertainty due to depreciation of PKR.Answer: Please refer to answer of questions 3 and 6 Question 13: We desire to participate in your upcoming tender for the project of Land Registration in Merged Areas as a supplier of furniture etc.We have a query about Tax deduction so kindly clear us.1. As per GoP policy firms belongs to Ex-FATA and the work/supply executed in the said areas are exempted from sales tax, income tax till 30th June 2023.In the light of the above exemption as your project field offices are located in EX-FATA but your procurement office is located in settled (taxpayer) area and as per your NIT the successful bidders will have to deliver the desired supplies to the field offices.So kindly let us know that we include the taxes in our quotation or not?Answer 13: Please refer to price schedule where GST are applicable, it shall be stated separately. Question 14: With reference of Ref No. RFP-PES-22-0082 Smart TV`s, and Video Wall please clarify some questions:1) Should we apply for 1 item that is Smart Tv’s or Video wall instead of both items? Answer: Yes, you can.2) DAI Pakistan Private Ltd is exempted from GST and other value added taxes like withholding etc or not. If yes, would you provide us tax exemption certificates? Answer: No DAI Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is not exempted from tax. However, for all items procured for USAID funded projects in Pakistan, the GST tax exemption of all procurement are applied through USAID with Tax authorities of Pakistan. If the exemption is allowed than exemption is shared with the vendor otherwise, the GST amount is released. For withholding, the tax deduction certificate is shared upon request or at the end of the fiscal year.3) Only dealership or authorizations certifications companies would apply or general order suppliers can also apply. Answer: All companies meeting the given criteria in RFP may apply.4) If we already have a SAM Entity ID, we need another. Answer: No Question: 15. Reference to your tender for procurement of LRMA equipment please clarify. " Can we submit partial quotation in a LOT Like if there are Two items CAN we quote for single item? Answer 15: Yes, you can.

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