Head Information Technology

Job Description

  • Job Title Head Information Technology


School Degree



  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Software Engineering from reputable university.
  • 10 to 12 years of relevant experience with 5 years on a Managerial cadre.

Job purpose

  • Creatively deliver IT solutions to corporate & institutes’ needs - whether custom built, reused, insourced, or outsourced. Lead and enable strategic organizational change through technology - to be proactive in identifying how specific technologies could become strategically important to the institutes
  • Ensure totally reliable yet cost-effective infrastructure services – making sure 24x7 IT Operations
  • Develop and arrange software to facilitate each THF department to work effectively and enhance the image of THF through website to the outside customers including donors.
  • Manage intellectual assets -- to implement a knowledge management platform that both supports processes and provides user friendly tools

Duties and responsibilities

1.      Project/Program Management

  • Responsible for Project Management of all IT Projects
  • Ensure that IT projects in support of user needs are delivered in a timely manner and within a prescribed budget; identify, evaluate, and mitigate the risks affecting any project
  • Responsible for the coordination and integration of insourced and outsourced IT solutions

2.      Infrastructure Management and Support

  • Formulating and implementing processes so that adequate and prompt support could be provided by IT System Support and IT Technical Support for the smooth operation of all the software systems currently implemented at companywide.
  • Specifying how the infrastructure will be built and maintained including data center operations, help desk support, and network management.
  • Identifying where computing hardware, software, data, and expertise will be located.

3.      Vendors and Outsourcers Management

  • Responsibility for negotiating and managing contracts of the vendors
  • Managing outsourcers who provide global and local services to the institutes

4.       Process analysis and design

  • Identify new technologies which offer new opportunities to improve existing administrative and educational processes.

5.      Change Management

  • Perform Change Management in case of process improvements and the implementation of new releases of packaged solutions.

6.       IT human resource management and development

  • Manage total IT staff
  • Build and manage teams, including recruiting of additional team members
  • Manage teams of IT personnel related to all areas of IT such as Project Management, IT Infrastructure, IT Systems Support etc. 
  • Consistently provide opportunities for IT personnel to renew technical skills, expand business understanding, and develop interpersonal skills.

7.      IT Policies and Procedures:

  • Implement IT Policies and Procedures companywide and ensure implementation of it.

8.      Strategy development and planning:

  • Lead the Digital team to continue the planning, development and implementation of an updated technology roadmap, including timely decommissioning of our legacy systems and the creation and transition to a sustainable architecture, based on best practice
  • Own the planning and prioritizing of resources across the Technology team to ensure an effective balance between our tech transformation.
  • Work collaboratively with the staff (and partners), where relevant, at all levels across the organization companywide, to ensure that our digital and technology services and products are customer-led, cost-effective, scalable, easy to use and meet current and future needs
  • Ensure timely and managed transitions away from legacy platforms, before they become an impediment to progress.
  • Further develop our capability, processes and team structures in managing change, agile software development and rapid deployment, cyber security, data management and service management

9.      Delivery and assurance:

  • Ensure that a clear vision and delivery plan for our technology and digital services transformation is communicated to all staff and that ongoing delivery is transparent and well-communicated across the group and that all dependencies and risk are well managed
  • Ensure teams /squads are well-balanced and have (or to have access to) the correct technical skills to succeed.
  • Develop, resource, maintain and deliver a backlog of development request to support funded projects, transformation, continuous improvement and maintenance of our systems.
  • Plan and communicate the technical release plan, ensuring Programme teams and partners are advised and contribute.
  • Proactively removing impediments to productivity and progress toward continuous deployment.
  • Ensure that key business owners and users are actively involved in the design development and testing of solutions.
  • Encourage controlled innovation in the delivery of both technology and processes
  • Accountable for the technical assurance of in-house solutions and the solutions and services from outsourced suppliers and contractors

10.  Leadership:

  • Provide overall technical leadership and direction to the organization and the technology team, encouraging controlled innovation and improvement in the technology and data systems, processes and ways of working.
  • Required to take strategic oversight of a critical project on behalf of the THF/Leadership team.
  • Drive change in the organization in embedding Agile and Lean techniques that works across the whole organization
  • Contribute to the leadership of The Hunar Foundation actively working with other senior managers, Trustees and Directors on strategy development, performance management, delivering what we say we will, role-modelling and championing our values and behaviors both internally and externally.
  • Participate in one or more leadership boards as required, and keep yourself informed about wider developments internally and externally.
  • Role model our values and lead the development of our culture in your team
  • Represent The Hunar Foundation externally in your area of expertise
  • Values, encourages and empowers diversity within the organization and is actively anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive.

11.  Staff management:

  • Empower and develop the staff you manage to innovate and improve while maximizing their contribution by setting clear objectives, coaching, delegating and providing appropriate feedback, holding at least monthly KITs, sensitively and effectively managing performance, ensuring they get the training and development they need and that they feel valued.
  • Support staff to be flexible and work within and across teams.

12.  Business development:

  • Contribute to the writing of bids, proposals, costing and pricing as required
  • Support business development activities to help make high-level new partnership and funding conversations happen.

13.  Budget and resource management:

  • You will own the budget for third party technology spend and will ensure cost-optimization of our infrastructure and support services.
  • Ensure effective use of the charity’s resources and that all finances are properly accounted for, being aware of income and expenditure accounts delegated to you and your staff, ensuring proper records are kept and Finance processes adhered to
  • Ensure effective use of staff time and skills, empowering your team to get clarity about their responsibilities and deliverables and contributing to our resource planning activities

14.  Corporate responsibility:

  • Ensure that your work and that of the team is always in the best interests of The Hunar Foundation and the Network
  • Support colleagues across the organization to deliver their objectives
  • Be proactive in planning ahead, managing risks, identifying and addressing wider opportunities and threats, and using data to inform decisions and improve
  • Contribute to business planning and reporting, making effective use of agreed systems to increase efficiency
  • Take on corporate or cross-cutting tasks as required

15.  Accountability:

  • Be accountable for your work and the work of your teams to The Hunar Foundation Board, the wider staff team, funders and the network - including compliance with legal, financial, information security and safeguarding policies and procedures.

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