Fashion Designer Retail Industry Job

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  • Job Title Fashion Designer Retail Industry Job


Research Before beginning the design process, fashion designers research current and future trends.They read through trend reports put together by fashion trade groups, or put together their own research team to find out what people are wearing and what trends are emerging.Sketching Designers then take the information they have researched and come up with preliminary design ideas.They then make sketches, either on paper or using computer design software.Choosing Materials Designers visit fabric manufacturers or fabric trade shows to decide what materials and patterns to make their preliminary designs out of.They take notes and brainstorm what fabrics and patterns will go with their designs.Retail Samples Designers will have seamstresses make their designs from an affordable fabric to see how it looks before using the fabric they selected.After all the samples of the preliminary designs are made, the designers choose what ones they like best for selling to retailers.Marketing Designers market their designs at fashion and trade shows, where retailers order what they want to distribute.Mass Market Design One area of fashion designers can go into is designing for the mass market.They are responsible for designing clothing that comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and usually work directly for apparel manufacturers.Job SpecificationCustom Design Designers can also specialize in haute couture (high fashion) and run their own studios.They meet with clients and discuss their needs and then custom design their clothing.

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